Translucent glass collages

Handpicked shards, robust cast resin, LED modules and high-quality frames are the components that make the shard lady's unique pieces so exquisite.

Shards bring luck!

Illuminated in daylight or in the dark

Every picture has several facets thanks to integrated LED lighting:

From the beach to the wall

Shards are a nuisance for every barefoot/dog paw/bicycle tire, even if they shimmer so brilliantly green, ruby ​​red or golden in the sunlight. Not all bottles end up in the glass container but are distributed in ever smaller fragments. Once dangerous waste, the splinters are now becoming creations that can be experienced both visually and haptically, telling us stories of campfires, cozy evenings with friends and closeness to nature.


Every bit collected on beaches, washed and arranged.


Glass as a versatile raw material is always something special and thus gains new attention.


The colorful works captivate the viewer and are easy to fall in love with.


"appreciation for other creatures and plants; Knowing what counts and standing up for it. After that, I try to live and act."


Light color adjustable

Durable RGB LEDs are installed. The use of your own controller is possible thanks to the standard interface. Of course, you get a pre-formatted controller with each image. You can also control this via the app.


Frame color selectable

So that the work of art can be integrated into your style, you can choose one of the 20 frame colors when ordering.
Here the View Frame Colors.