Worth knowing about glass and the products

Durable RGB LEDs with an average lifespan of 10 years (16h/day) are installed. With the controller supplied as standard, you can choose between different modes and thus create the desired lighting atmosphere. The use of your own controller is also guaranteed by the standard interface on the back of the picture.

As long as the pictures have not left my workshop, the choice of frame color is still open. You are welcome to decide for yourself which combination suits you best:

Shards on the banks of the Rhine in Bonn
Shards on the banks of the Rhine in Bonn

Unfortunately and fortunately, visitors to the banks of the Rhine constantly leave behind new material. The Shard Lady frees the beaches from an annoying nuisance.

Collected Shards in Kg

The shards are cleaned and sorted and soon arranged into spectacular photographs.

In the creative process, through playful reorganization, completely new worlds of images are created in specially made moulds.

A composition is almost ready to be potted.
A composition is almost ready to be potted.

The next step: potting. Not an easy task if you want to avoid air bubbles as much as possible. To do this, I let crystal-clear and UV-resistant casting resin flow gently into the mold.
After the resin has been able to solidify for several days, the mature work of art is removed from the mold and the edges are carefully reworked until it fits.

edited edges
This is what the edited edges look like

Framed in a high-quality aluminum frame from the manufacturer “Nielsen” and equipped with long-lasting LED backlighting, the fragments finally shine in all their glory.

Visit the online gallery and see for yourself…

Glass is relatively flexible and tolerates large temperature differences. With my shards, there is also the irregular surface, which initially prevents a view of the inside.

To make the variety of colors visible and to preserve the collages like a snapshot, I use crystal-clear, UV-stabilized epoxy resin. This is dimensionally stable, impact-resistant and can be colored with pigments.

Mixing the components requires the highest level of accuracy and cleanliness. My studio has thus become a laboratory and workshop in one.

Based on my experience with various agents, I only use synthetic, chemical dyes as pigments. This ensures even curing in combination with extremely long color fastness.

If you would like to purchase a unique Scherbenlady, please contact me as soon as possible. Reservations and individual requests are possible… If you are unsure whether a movement suits you, simply use the test service. You can then borrow a work for a week and see if you stick with it. In the case of purchase, the rental fee will be charged, otherwise you will receive your deposit back. Contribute to keeping the banks of the Rhine shard-free!

You can of course hang your picture in any orientation. To release the hangers, you simply have to loosen the grub screws on the back. Then select the new top edge and reattach the hangers. Be sure to tighten the screws extremely tight. The weight of the picture hangs on it and you don’t want it to fall off after you hang it. Get help if necessary.